Home & Student 2019 Home & Student 2019 - Office Setup 2019

If you are reading this article i.e. regarding the setup of Microsoft home & student 2019 then you are at the right place. This article consists of the step-by-step and detailed procedure for the installing of office on your windows device. It happens many of the times that pre-installed office setup home student does not persist for a long time or we need to switch for the latest version of the office 2019. To do the so mentioned one has to go through the detailed procedure and steps from our article to install the office on your device without any error. So let's assume that you are ready with your setup items and reading this article simultaneously. So let's start.

Starting with the pre-installation procedures includes

Buying the proper product if not already bought: home & student 2019
  • There are many viable products of office that work with an enormous speed on any device.
  • We can get all products from the Microsoft store by simply searching them.
  • Just open any of the web browsers and type Microsoft store in the search tab.
  • Then navigate for the same and click on the link appearing first.
  • This is the official Microsoft office store.
  • Search for office and several products with their respective prices will list up.
  • Here we must select the most suitable product for our need.
  • Now complete the purchase procedure as the home & student 2019 states.

But before that, we need to create an account on Microsoft:

This account is quite important before doing any stuff on the official website. Here it goes:-
  • Go to or if you're in the store then just see the upper right corner of your window.
  • Click on the create an account symbol.
  • Here it redirects us to the procedure page.
  • Then we have to click on the create one name present in the blue format.
  • Now enter the Mobile number or email address.
  • Then enter all the required credentials like the Password, First Name, Last Name, Select country as the United.
  • States as well as Date of birth.
  • Now we click on the Next button and complete the security procedure provided by Microsoft.
  • Here we are ready with the official account creation.

Now let's move to the Downloading process of our desired home & student 2019 Product

Here we are going to use another website provided by the office

Step 1: Signing in or creating an account

  • As we have created the account in the previous head so here we are going to sign in.
  • Click on the sign-in button in the blue box.
  • Fill up the email address or mobile number and click next.
  • Then give the password created earlier while creating the same account.
  • Here we are signed in to our office account.

Step 2: To Enter the Product key code

  • A very important step in downloading the proper step.
  • Enter the proper keycode we received while purchasing the Microsoft account.
  • The key code will be of 25 letters mixed with numbers.
  • Then click on the Next button.

Step 3: To get our desired app

  • After subjecting to the proper keycode and clicking next we are redirected to the app page.
  • Here the app purchased by us is present.
  • Click on the application and then click on the download button after selecting the operating system.
  • Here the app will download on our download location.

Setup home & student 2019

  1. Search for the office setup file downloaded on the device and double click on it.
  2. Grant the installation permission to the same on the device.
  3. Here the office installer opens and the further steps are in front of us.
  4. If the installer asks for the product key code again the provide it with the same or else we can continue without that.
  5. Now we have to accept the terms and conditions by just ticking on the agreement checkbox.
  6. Then the install and restore button appears.
  7. We just click on the install button and the installation starts.
  8. Make sure that the pre-installed home and student 2019 is removed successfully.
  9. This was the step-by-step and detailed procedure for having Microsoft office on your device.